Le clan des loups
Rules of the team

Article 1 : Courtesy

Courtesy is the rule in all exchanges between members of the team and the others.

Article 2 : Management of our team

The management is the responsibility of the team’s creator and administrators. Their mission are :
- to ensure the cohesion of the team,
- to lead the team,
- to organize races in the team,
- to moderate the forum of the team,
- to manage litigation between members,
- to recruit new members, - to promote the best stallions.

Article 3 : Decisions and votes in the team

- All major decisions are subject to the vote of the directors with a simple majority. In case of equality the vote of the founding member counts double.

Article 4 : Recruitment of new members

- Each member who wishes to join the team must ask. He must explain his motivations, objectives and reasons to join the team. - The application is considered considered by all directors. The agreement or refusal made by majority vote. In case of equality the vote of the founding member counts double.

Article 5: Obligations of members

Each member undertakes to:
- to respect and enforce the rules of the team and the decisions of the directors,
- to participate in the team of the clan with passion,
- to participate in activities, contests, discussions, exchanges, forums…
- to participate in at least 100 races in public for 40 days (this rule applies after two months of presence in the team)
- to pay 1 € to the team whenever he buys a projection of a stallion owned by a member of the team. These are used to fund the competitions in the team.

Article 6: Using the forum of the team

- Interventions must be courteous and legible to be understood by all.
- It is forbidden to promote racism, xenophobia, pedophilia or discrimination.

Article 7: claiming race and auctions

- Each member of the team has the right to acquire a horse in competition with another member of the team.
- Each member of the team can bid on another member of the team during an auction.
- However, it is strictly forbidden to bid on a lot that is reserved, either by a member of the team or another team.

Article 8: horse stallions and projection

- Each member has the opportunity to promote his horses stallions on the site of the team.
- Only horses stallions with a high quality are selected.
- The item will be proposed to the site administrator. Administrators accept or refuse in accordance with the article 3.

Article 9 : Claims - Litigation

- Complaints and disputes are subject to the directors.
- The directors act as mediators to find an amicable solution.
- If no solution is found, the directors make a decision by majority vote. In case of equality, the vote of the team’s creator counts double.
- Members of the dispute must accept and apply the decision taken by the directors.

Article 10 : Exclusion clauses of the team

May be excluded:
- The member who does not respect the rules of the team.
- The member makes defamation of the team or its members, by any means.
- The member that promotes racism, xenophobia, pedophilia or any form of discrimination.
- The member who repeated aggressive behavior in the forum.
- The member who does not run at least 100 races in public (article 5).
- The member who does not pay the tax of 1 € applied to all projections sold in the team (the directors will apply this rule using the market projections).
- The member who refuses decisions by directors.